Forward USB port to Windows and OSX container

I’ve been working on building some docker images that run an application that manages mobile devices connected via USB. The application is built to run on Windows and work with adb to manage connected Android devices and on OSX and manage connected iOS devices.

I am unable to find a way to forward the USB devices to the docker containers without direct management (e.g. if I unplug a device or plug a new device the container should discover them automatically).

I’ve created a Docker image that runs windowsservercore and I am able to run adb on it, but it’s unable to discover the Android devices connected to the machine. The container must run on a Windows machine itself as a business requirement.

I also need a container (preferably that runs OSX) that runs on an OSX machine that is able to discover and manage connected mobile devices via USB as well.

Is what I am trying to achieve possible or will it be any time soon?

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why no one try to reply this question?