Getting started on windows 7

Hello world !

I have to study how I can use Docker to manage our local development i.e. the stack of software were use to write code and I’m very new to the Docker world. I’m using Windows 7 Entreprise.

We work on different projects requiring differents stacks or different versions of them (IDE, local web server, local database, jvm, etc…). I basically want to setup an image for every project (img1=project1 : java8, eclipseX; img2=project2 : php, eclipseY, wampserver). Is it a good approach ?

I was thinking about starting from an Ubuntu image. From what I understand, I have to use Virtual Box to run a minimal Linux OS that allows running Linux containers. By introducing that layer, It feels like we are going back to a Hypervisor type 2 model and losing the performance benefits of docker containers. Am I correct ? Performance is an important point because developers have been reporting lags using usual Hypervisor type 2 solutions. In terms of “hypervisor model”, I’m referring to this :

Wouldn’t it be better to use a Windows image and run it on HyperV ?

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