Getting started part 3 - chrome can't render page, but curl and ff can

I was working through the getting started tutorial and am seeing behavior I don’t understand. I’m not sure it’s a docker problem per se but I’m only noticing this when I work through the docker “getting started” tutorial.

I am on a linux machine. I am able to run my container and view the page with curl, firefox and chrome just fine through part 2.

When I get to part three and bring up the service, I am able to get the page with curl, and I’m able to get the page with firefox. However, chrome refuses to display the page. I don’t understand what might cause this, nor do I know where to look for more information.

I modified the app to not have a dependency on redis to remove that variable, so I know it’s not because redis is timing out. I’ve tried using a fresh chrome tab, and that doesn’t seem to work either.


  • I start the container with docker run -p 80:80 friendlyhello and can connect with curl, firefox, chrome just fine using the url http://localhost/ as documented in the tutorial.

  • I start the service with docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml getstartedlab, curl and firefox continue to work, but chrome (version 60) is indefinitely stuck “waiting for localhost…” (I’ve waited for several minutes)

same issue here
if you found a solution please share it