Help Getting Started with Kitematic on OS X

Hi there,

I apologise for the open-ended nature of the question, I have been reading a lot of documentation but it appears that a lot of it will be deprecated because of the advancements in recent versions of Docker as well as the introduction of Kitematic.

Despite trying to find up-to-date tutorials and reading a lot of them I can’t quite figure out how to get properly started.

The main areas of confusion is how to structure the containers and link them, I’ve seen a popular example with MySQL but what if you wanted to have multiple linked containers rather than just two?

I’ve installed a couple of test images such as docker-wordpress-nginx and nginx-php-fpm but from what I have read it’s better to have one container per service but again, I don’t know how to get started.

For example, I currently have a CentOS 7 VM that I host my websites on using nginx (static, WordPress and Ruby on Rails), how would I then replicate that using containers, would it be a Centos 7 one with separate nginx, MySQL, PHP FPM, Ruby and Rails containers or have a different structure from that?

It just seems difficult to get my head around thinking about how to combine those when I’m used to installing everything on the VM and configuring it manually.

The last point would be then how to deploy these local containers to the VM once Docker is installed on it?

I appreciate that I’m asking a lot, normally I’d ask on StackOverflow but this is far too open ended to make a good question on there so thought I would try and find somewhere else to ask. Any helpful information in order to progress would be a huge bonus and much appreciated.