Help - I've deleted my repository - can I find it again in the build context?

I’ve deleted my repository (I ran rm -rf $(pwd) /dist/* instead of rm -rf $(pwd)/dist/*`). I was having trouble with bitbucket and it’s not been backed up in over 2 weeks. Also thought it was backed up on iCloud, but now I’m not sure, and iCloud is currently telling me it’s down for maintenance.

I’d included the repository in the build context of an image I just built.

docker build -t node .

The docker file the image was built from is gone. But I can recall that it did not copy the directory into the image. However I’m hoping that the build context is still available somewhere. Is it on my my Mac?

I saw someone suggesting that build context’s were stored in /var/lib/docker/tmp/, I can’t find that directory on my Mac.

Can anyone help?