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Bitbucket repo unlinked, can't relink repo unless the name is changed

Hi there,

Early last week our builds suddenly stopped being triggered. When we noticed the problem, we went into docker hub and saw that all of our repos had been unlinked from their bitbucket repos and lost their build history (similar to this other post).

When we go into build settings, relink the repo, and hit save it doesn’t seem to do anything. Looking at the developer console in Chrome, it looks like it’s making the request to save changes but it’s returning a 500 with

    "error": "Our service is temporarily unavailable. We'll be back soon!"

We found that we’re able to successfully relink our repos if we change their name in bitbucket, but when we try the old name again we get the same error as before.

Oddly enough, we were able to relink one of our repos without changing its name. Its settings in bitbucket look like they’re the same as any other repo that we’re having trouble with. One interesting thing is that it has a build trigger called hub-migrated-trigger. Not sure if that was there before this happened. Kinda wondering if we got migrated to the new docker hub (as described here) and that’s what caused all of this to start happening.

Anyone else running into issues with docker hub and bitbucket like this? Our builds are working now with the new names but we’d really prefer to use the old names again. I’m hoping to avoid going through and updating all our documentation and scripts to use the new bitbucket repos, especially since I don’t know if this could all happen again tomorrow…

Thanks for the report. Sorry for the trouble. Can you send the list of docker repositories having this problem, and also the one that is working to I can take a look to see what is the issue.

I sent you an email, have you had a chance to take a look at it yet?