Help to create image in my repo

I have create a repository on docker hub with the name “jip34”
I would like to pull and push the python image in my repo from
first, is it possible or not?
and if yes, is anybody cant explain me the steps and ideally the command to do this please?

You can push it with docker push if you gave it the right tag. If you didn’t, you need to retag it with docker tag. You also need to log in, so you need docker login, which means you will have your password saved on the Docker playground which is not recommended I think, but you can log out after you pushed your image.

sorry but I am rookie and I dont understand
from, I am login to docker hub using my credentials and it works
then, I pull the python image with docker pull python
now I try to push the image with docker push python but i have an error “authentification required”
so why I have this message?

Please share the exact chain of commands you used, so we can see what and how you did things and can see what needs to be done differently.

Note: make sure to anonymize the docker login password and leave everything else as is!

You can see that I have an error when I push the image because it asks me “authentification required” even if i am already authentified…