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"The push refers to a repository"


(Marknorgate) #1

I have downloaded an image and modified it for my own front-end build requirements. Now I’d like to push it to the hub.

I have tried to run:

docker login
docker push marknorgate/apptitude-front-end-build

But this produces the following:

The push refers to a repository []
An image does not exist locally with the tag: marknorgate/apptitude-front-end-build

What am I doing wrong? I am using Docker v.1.12.1,

(Marknorgate) #2

Sorted! Found a post - which I’m afraid I’ve lost - that fixed this.

(LRubin) #3

For the sake of anyone reading later - was it that you needed to tag it before pushing? (Or can you share what you did?)

(Marknorgate) #4

To be honest, I have just realised I totally misunderstood Docker. I’m just wading my way through the docs, so when I become more knowledgeable I shall come back and explain where I went wrong! That’s the best I can offer at the moment I"m afraid.

(Jmmann) #5

If anyone else gets here:
Be sure to build your code first with your username/repo before trying to push it.

docker build -t <username>/<repo>:<tag> .
Then you can push
docker push <username>/<repo>:<tag>

Hope this helps.

(Tworogue) #6

Thank you. It helped, actually.

(Vincebanzon) #7

Thank you. jmmann. So that’s why.

(Luckychondor) #8

For me, before “push” this works:

$ docker login -u your_username -p your_password

We are talking about your credentials for DockerHub

More details :

(Ossentoo) #9

this helped me too. thanks jmmann


Thank you, it worked :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. It worked