Hi guys can anyone help me added extra files to container

iv’e manage to copy a few extra files to a container but there not showing when the container webpage loads e.g. new.gif new2.gif and a html and css file is there something i need to to to update the container im using docker on my synology nas

Please share the volume tab configuration (screenshot?) of your container from the Syno-UI. And the command you used to copy the few extra files into the container. I want to understand your approach to see, what you do to derive from it how a solution might look like.

docker cp is usualy only used for debbuging/testing purposes. Usualy you either expose the target location as volume (in case of the Synology Docker-UI it is always a bind that binds a subfolder of a share into a folder in the container) or create a new image using a modifed dockerfile that already copies the new files into their target location.