Host has slow network connection to container

I’m running Docker for Windows Edge Experimental on Windows 10 Professional 1803. I have 2 containers, each running Ubuntu 16.04. One of them is a web server and the other is a database server. I use docker-compose to bring the containers up and down and have customized Dockerfile files per container.

When I view a web page from my web server container, I notice AJAX calls take 30 to 75 seconds to complete. I’ve added timing statements in the JavaScript and PHP, and all of the code executes super quickly, as expected. When I connect to the web server container and ping our SOLR slice, I get no results, though I can ping other external sites just fine, and I can retrieve the content from SOLR through the command line interface of the web server container.

I’ve tried specifying network settings in Docker settings, and added security and other options to the yml file, and the AJAX requests are still somehow slowed between the browser and the server container.

What needs to happen with my Windows 10 computer or my Docker files so that the networking is fast (as though VMWare Workstation or similar was running on my computer)? I’m familiar with virtual machines and how fast they connect to the host machine, so this Docker + Hyper-V networking is very different, slow, and not fun.

Take a look on this topic, this may work for you

Please have a look here…

also, I am still trying to get all the answers…but it is something related to Get-NetAdapterRsc