How can i change my avatar in

I can’t find any way change my avatar . Can someone help me .thanks~


If you go to<namespace>/dashboard/settings/ and put the Gravator Email and set up your Gravator ( you can do it from here if you haven’t done already ), then you can see the avatar.

Note: <namespace> in the above link is your username or organization, for which you are willing to see the avatar.


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Create gravatar account and upload image and link it to your email(s) adress(es)

Provide that email in docker hub:

For normal user:


For organization (as @sbasyal said):


I have provided the email registered in gravatar (in as I’m not an organization) and nothing happens (well, in fact, the old image has gone. Why is this simple task so difficult (impossible, in fact). If no change is possible, please, remove my account. Thanks

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Fixed. it seems it takes some time

Fixed or not, it is still too inconvenient. TOO INCONVENIENT, really. What if I have a company and DON’T want to create a gravatar for it? Or if I created gravatar and use it in other places, but I want here ANOTHER picture? Why don’t you just add ability to select a picture, docker guys? :slight_smile: Is it really so much disk space for such pictures comparing to docker images? If so, let’s gravatar will be a default option, while somewhere under “advanced” checkbox will be “select picture” - so this will be used by 1% of people. Really, too inconvenient, guys.