How to change logo in docker hub repository


it seems to be a big secret how to change the logo in a Docker Hub Repository.
I found only very rare information about this. One of them says, that a verified publisher account is required, but in the hub there are several OSS repositories which have also a logo.

Is there an easy way to change it in the docker hub webinterface?

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OSS repository means that the repository is part of the sponsored open source software program

Do you have an aceppted OSS repository like that?

Yes I have, but I found no possibility to change the repo icon.


I don’t have any OSS repo, so I don’t know exaclty how you could add a logo, but if you check the current logos those are linked from and the logo is not actually a product logo but the profile picture of the owner. Maybe you just need to upload a picture to your email addres on gravatar.

I had this idea either, but came to the conclusion, that the gravatar is only for my Docker ID account, but not for the organization. And furthermore, every repo inside a namespace could have another logo - obviously.
But to be honest, I didn’t try - I will do now.
Thanks a lot.

Yes, but no project has custom logo like that. Official images are different, since there is no owner the same way as other repositories have. When I browse verified publisher images or OSS images I can see only owner level logos.