How can the US Government purchase a Docker Desktop licenses?

Please help.

According to,

my group needs to now purchase Docker Desktop licenses. Our group works for a national laboratory for the US Government. When I asked my purchasing folks to buy the licenses I received the following,

This company does not have a current registration to do business with the U.S. government. Their certification expired in February 2020 and has not been renewed.

Expiration Date: 2020-02-07

I’ve requested help/direction from Docker Inc. through,

but have not received a response. So, I’m in a bit of a pickle, Docker Inc. now requires a license but they have not renewed their registration with the US Government so I can’t purchase the license… the deadline is approaching quickly.

I’m hoping the community may have some suggestions, or, better would be that Docker Inc. responds.


Hey @joehays
I’ve responded privately to put you in touch with one of our partners

I’m in a similar boat. Luckily, we don’t use desktop for a lot of applications. I don’t have authorization to give a lot of details about our office (it is the US Government, though), but we’re almost a purely scientific institution, perform no commercial work, but only have a few open source projects and I think we just barely pass that 250 person count.

We can’t do the requisition work needed to grant use if it requires a financial investment. Are we just out of luck here?


We’re running into the same issue. Were you all able to resolve this?

I guess we waited to long to reach out to the licensing folks and haven’t gotten a response back for a PO so we can get it to our procurement folks. I imagine the sales team is getting swamped this close to the deadline.

I would also like to purchase licenses for the US government. Is the list of the appropriate partners publicly available or would you be able to provide us a list so we can request quotes?

Would it be possible to get Docker, Inc. re-registered on The process should take less than 48 hours and would greatly help with US government purchases.

Docker, Inc.
DUNS 007072198
Registration Status: Expired (Feb 7, 2020)

Has anyone been able to buy for US Gov? I have filled out forms but haven’t gotten any response and there’s no way to contact outside of the forms.

I don’t mind buying it, but I’m going to have to look for alternatives.

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This remains to be a problem.

The solution that Docker Inc. has implemented for purchasing Pro licenses is basically incompatible with how government and other large organizations make purchases (beyond the SAM registration). Docker’s process requires that each individual make the purchase through their respective account. There is no way (that I have found) for an organization to purchase a bundle of Pro licenses for their teams of employees. Each transaction is forced to be done on a per-user basis. This is highly incompatible with how large organizations make purchases and imposes very significant unnecessary time/effort on their customers.

It’s clear that Docker Inc doesn’t understand their customers or their needs. They simply imposed the paid Pro license and offered an unacceptable purchasing mechanism. It’s very frustrating…

If I’m wrong will someone PLEASE enlighten the rest of us?

I can’t say I know everything about Purchasing, but Docker Pro is for individuals. For an organization you probably need the Business subscription. If you could just buy Pro for everyone, it would be much cheaper (per user) than paying for Business. But this topic is about the US Government. Are you also working for the US government?

While Teams or Business may be easier for organizations to administer, as far as I understand Pro suffices to use Docker Desktop any way one likes:

Commercial use of Docker Desktop at a company of more than 250 employees OR more than $10 million in annual revenue requires a paid subscription (Pro, Team, or Business) to use Docker Desktop.

As far as I understand, for Docker Desktop and Docker Hub the choice between Pro, Teams and Business is only about functionality and limits, and maybe about the type of payments that are supported. But not about where, how or by whom Desktop and Hub are used?

True, in terms of what is paid to Docker Inc (though with reduced limits/functionality for Docker Hub). But regardless, Pro is totally fine, I think. However, total cost for whoever is paying may vary as administration/reimbursement surely costs too.

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I see. You are probably right :slight_smile: But I guess making easier to subscribe to Pro is not worth it commercially. This could also be considered a limit.

It would be fine if they would just get back to me. I’ve put in a request for a quote and had another employee put one in too. I don’t mind buying teams or the business licenses, but I can’t buy them through normal SW vendors and docker won’t get back to me. I’m guessing it’s because I want 10 instead of more than 25? Can we at least get a phone number to call? This is pretty bizarre.

You’re still referring to US government policies, right? Docker licenses can be purchased through resellers, but I guess you know. (And no detail at all at

I did not know about Nuaware. Thanks! Now to see if that’s allowed to be purchased through the govt… :frowning:

FYI: you cannot purchase Docker Pro through Nuaware. I tried. They said nope.

I did find a company that said they could give us a license if we bought 50…

At this point, is it safe to assume Govt is non-profit so we don’t need to buy a license? I mean, you guys figure out a way to let me buy it and i’ll buy it… but I don’t know what to do. The “support” request form is not helpful as they never reply back.

Hey all,
I’ve sent a message to all of you with the contact information of one of our account executives. If anyone else is looking at this thread, feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with him as well.

Thank you for your patience.

Hello @evabojorges - we are interested in govt licenses for our project. Please send me acct exec details; thx in advance.

I’m also interested in getting a docker desktop license for a government agency. Thanks.

Hi @evabojorges,
I am helping explore the use of containers for our operations (research and production). Our agency is about 500 employees. Would like to know how Docker could work as a solution for it. Thanks.