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How can the US Government purchase a Docker Desktop licenses?

Please help.

According to,

my group needs to now purchase Docker Desktop licenses. Our group works for a national laboratory for the US Government. When I asked my purchasing folks to buy the licenses I received the following,

This company does not have a current registration to do business with the U.S. government. Their certification expired in February 2020 and has not been renewed.

Expiration Date: 2020-02-07

I’ve requested help/direction from Docker Inc. through,

but have not received a response. So, I’m in a bit of a pickle, Docker Inc. now requires a license but they have not renewed their registration with the US Government so I can’t purchase the license… the deadline is approaching quickly.

I’m hoping the community may have some suggestions, or, better would be that Docker Inc. responds.


Hey @joehays
I’ve responded privately to put you in touch with one of our partners

I’m in a similar boat. Luckily, we don’t use desktop for a lot of applications. I don’t have authorization to give a lot of details about our office (it is the US Government, though), but we’re almost a purely scientific institution, perform no commercial work, but only have a few open source projects and I think we just barely pass that 250 person count.

We can’t do the requisition work needed to grant use if it requires a financial investment. Are we just out of luck here?


We’re running into the same issue. Were you all able to resolve this?

I guess we waited to long to reach out to the licensing folks and haven’t gotten a response back for a PO so we can get it to our procurement folks. I imagine the sales team is getting swamped this close to the deadline.

I would also like to purchase licenses for the US government. Is the list of the appropriate partners publicly available or would you be able to provide us a list so we can request quotes?