I have a question about license scope

I know that Docker Desktop is free for personal use.
However, I understand that companies above a certain size have to pay for it.

I’d like to use it at work, but I’m wondering if I should pay for it even if I just use it for testing in my local environment.


If you use it for testing in your local, you can use docker as a personal plan.

However, there will be a personal limitation on the link below.


If you look at the top of the link I sent you, you will find information about the payment you mentioned.

Well, even if you use it for local testing, but at work, that is commercial use. So if the company is large enough, I believe you need to pay for Docker Desktop or run Docker CE on Linux. If necessary, run a virtual machine in which you install Docker CE and install Portainer if you need a GUI (web-based) to browse containers. There are other free desktop alternatives like Podman Desktop or Rancher Desktop, but you could lose some features that Docker Desktop provides. So if that is important, I think you will need to pay for it and have at least a Pro subscription which you can use at work and for personal projects as well You will also get unlimited private repositories on Docker Hub…

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I think it’s right to use the plan above pro when using it commercially.

However, the official docker’s answer is as follows.
“Docker is free for small businesses (fewer than 250 employees AND less than $10 million in annual revenue), personal use, education, and non-commercial open source projects.”

So I think it is right to purchase more than pro plan depending on the size of the user enterprise of your article.

I’m not sure I can follow the logic. Of course you can pay more than necessary, but why would you?

I wanted to emphasize that even if it is for commercial use, you should purchase the plan according to the scale.

I’m sorry if it bothered you.

Thank you for all of your responses.
I will speak with the appropriate department within my company to request a purchase.