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How do I create MobyLinuxVM "manually". What is the Powershell command?

I can’t believe how long I have searched for a realitvely simple answer: my MobyLinuxVm did not get created. I want to create it.

I found the PowerShell commands last week, after 6 hours of searching. Now, after 6 more hours, I can’t find them again,

Does anyone know? It’s like one line,

I just build something similar using Vagrant VMs with a script to install docker engine

Thank you!

But I have seen just one simple command, from the general documentation, explicity for the creation of the MobyLinuxVM.

That’s what I am looking for.

My guess would be

docker-machine create -d virtualbox default

I did not find the simple command, where is it?Please post it for me. Thanks

Here (assuming default installation location): “C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\resources\MobyLinux.ps1”

I am getting same issue, “MobyLinuxVM” not created after docker installation.