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How do I keep a Docker stack running on Windows after I logout?

I’m running Docker Desktop version 3.3.0 on Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2. I have the same problem with both the WSL 2 and the Hyper-V backend: I can run a docker stack, but when I logout of Windows, Docker Desktop stops (“Linux Containers WSL 2 backend is stopping” is the notification), and so does my stack.

I’m using the sample stack from this tutorial: Deploy a stack to a swarm | Docker Documentation

I tried setting the deploy.restart_policy.condition to any in the docker-compose.yml file, but it doesn’t help.

I’ve looked high and low for a solution, but so far without luck, other than the suggestion: “Use Linux.” I’d love to, but unfortunately I need this to work on a Windows server.

Am I missing something obvious? Thanks.