How I can efficiently develop and deploy video streaming servers with docker?

Hi, I hope everyone is enjoying their coffee :slight_smile:

I am a bit clueless and seek the community’s help in building, designing, and deploying a video streaming server. Any recommended docker image, preferably open-source software!

For Streaming, I am willing to publish and play WebRTC streaming as well as HLS Streaming.

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What kind of video streaming software are you looking for? If you want to upload videos and share them with people to let them watch it online like a private video tutorial platform or like YouTube, you could try EmbyServer which I used locally.

I also tried Jellyfin and Kodi. There is also Plex which I am not sure if I tried, but I heard about a lot. For me, Emby was the best.

If you are looking for a live streaming software running in containers, I don’t know about that.