Running HTML5 games in container

I’m working on a project where several HTML5 based games need to run server side. A software engineer I was working with had a plan but had to leave the project. I’m rather new to the world of docker so I was hoping for a little help to point me in the right direction.

First off the games can be exported as HTML5 and run in a web browser, or they can be exported using NW.JS to run on Linux, Mac or Windows as stand alone executables.

My goal is to run the apps on a server to help combat cheating by the users simply entering the browser console and injecting scores, etc.

What the engineer told me was his plan was this.
“The plan was to create a container (docker?) which can run the games and spin one up in the cloud for each player. Stream the output to the user and stream their input into the container.”

Does this make sense to any docker experts? Thanks for any help.

If the backend application has support for streaming build-in, thus does not require to stream an application window, then it shouldn’t matter if running bare metal, in a vm or in a container.

But if it’s about streaming an application window, then I can’t see how containers would provide a clean(!) solution. Containers are most approrpriate for headless backend services.

No, there is support for streaming built in.
Do you know of any documentation/tutorial about streaming an application window?

Thank you!

Nope. I would need to research it myself. I will leave the research part to you.

You might want to get in touch with the engineer and ask him for direction. If he had a plan, he probably draw architecture diagrams that could indicate the involved components.

Imho, this topic generaly seems unreleated to docker. Container does not neccesarily mean OCI Container (~=docker container). In software development a container is an abstract wrapper and could be everything :slight_smile:

Understood. Thank you.