How much resources does Docker for Mac take?

I’m in the program, currently running Docker for Mac, and using it a bit less than daily. But I imagine there are people out there who have actually run benchmarks and stuff who can tell me more about this.
First of all, I am wondering if Docker takes ANY resources when not running any containers. I’ve disabled launch-on-boot, but not because I have noticed any problems, just because I have a slow-ass machine and I’m not taking any chances.
Secondly, I have noticed quite large discrepancies between how fast Docker containers run, how many containers I can have active, how fast they boot, and how fast IO is between Mac and Linux. I know why of course, Linux is more mature and doesn’t need to run xhyve. But I wonder if people have any sort of generally agreed upon metric for how much slower it is on macs, and if it is expected to change in the future.

Sorry if this won’t actually help Docker continue development, but it will help me decide on my next computer and operating system…