How to calculate the number of docker container i can run

I am new to docker and have a few questions:

  1. I am currently testing my project on an ARM cpu. When I go into production on AWS should I choose x86?
  2. I want to calculate how many containers can I run on my RPi4. How do I do that?


Its really hard to determine that, since it depends on the containers, fx. you can maybe run 10 wordpress websites, but maybe 1 oracle database.

So I think you just need to test it out, start maybe 5 of the desired containers, check the load and determine on that

Okay so hit and miss is the way to go… Thanks BTW

Its not exact science until you use a metric collector for the node and containers and identify the actual resource usage for the use cases you need yourself. Typicaly something like Prometheus + exporters and Grafa or Telegraf and InfluxDB + Chronograf (which is build-in into influxdb >2.0) would be used to collect and visualize the metrics.

In production typicaly ressource contraints for requested ram/cpu and limits for them are applied. You don’t want your container to be oom-killed, but at the same time want to prevent resource hogs to eat up all available resources. Finding the the sweatspot might require some iterations.