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Need help | Estimate RAM & CPU usage


(Dockrain928) #1

Hi all,

I want to prepare a docker architecture for a project in my company. So I have to POC docker on the company infrastructure, I mean I have to prove that all testing VMs (around 35-40) could be dockerized in one or two replicated VMs.

I’m reading a lot of documentation (on docker website and google topics related to docker), but I never found a response for my question in all what I read.

My question is, how to estimate the usage of RAM & CPU of each container that will run under one VM. For example I want to migrate PostgreSQL databases, LAMP server, LogServers to containers but how can I determine the RAM that I can set to a container without mounting the container for test and monitoring its memory & cpu usage to have an estimation ?

In a normal VM when I set RAM, I take into consideration the Operating System, running processes, tools installed etc. More RAM can be added when a specific program need more RAM cause nagios monitor the usage, but on docker how to anticipate this by setting the correct amount of RAM ?

Please give me all detailed reply that can help me !

Big thanks for you all guys :slight_smile: