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How to configure SSL for docker-engine Site

(Marisujohansen) #1

Hello Guys,

I am new in docker-engine configuration and setup. one of my customer have installed docker-engine and tutum-egent and configure sites in the server. now he wants me to install and assign SSL public certificate on web site.

I tride to cehck how to do that but didnt get any idea to setup SSL certificate for web site hosted using Docker-engine/tutum-agent.

I need your assistance to get it resolved.

Please help me. i will appreciate your urgent help.

Thank You,

(Marisujohansen) #2

Hello Guys,

can anyone help me in this case.


(Fauzan Ariffin) #3

Hi @marisujohansen,

Docker is a container. What you need to look at is, what is the web engine residing in that docker container?
Is it Apache or Nginx or others? Then you just need to follow the specified instruction to setup SSL based on that web engine.

(Marisujohansen) #4

Hi @fauzanariffin

Thanks for replying me.

Docker-engine is using Nginx as an web engine but i cant see it running on the server. I am checking nginx service which shows stopped right now. and no web configuration file in /etc/nginx/ directory. so i dont exactly understand how it works and from where it gets web configuration for the web site.

Please suggest me some steps to find out the configuration and to install SSL on the site.

As i know my client is using tutum-agent with Docker-engine but how they configured it that i dont understand.


(Marisujohansen) #5

Hi @fauzanariffin,

can you please assist me.