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How to containerize windows desktop applications (with GUI) using docker?

(Taivna) #1

How to containerize an ERP system consisting of Desktop application (with GUI) and ASP.NET web app running on Windows Server 2012 R2. I’ve heard it’s impossible or very hard to containerize Desktop Applications with GUI.

(Archimedes Trajano) #2

What you’re looking for is a virtual machine not a container solution. A container solution is meant to run services in an isolated environment. Think of it like IIS except you’re not limited to web apps, but anything down to the OS level. However, they’re still backend services not a front end application client.

(Garylonbrown) #3

If your Windows application can run on Windows Server 2016 then you can containerize your application by starting with:

(Baker999) #4

I think I understand what you’re looking to achieve; I’m a desktop admin and I’m wondering if you can containerize GUI enterprise applications like Bloomberg terminal. I’ve spent several hours toying with docker and tutorials; it’s apparent to me that I’ve mistook it for a fast way to deploy apps - the penny has dropped that this isn’t app-v or containers in the sense I’ve known them…