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How to create config.json file on Docker Private Beta Hyper-V?


(Brunolm) #1

I want to be able to add my config.json where docker (private beta windows hyper-v) can recognize it.

I don’t know where to create this file. Where do I create it?

(Brunolm) #2



(Rolf Neugebauer) #3


we currently don’t support providing a custom docker config file on Windows but we are working on enabling that option in one of the future Beta releases


(Otravers) #4

What’s the status on this as Docker for Windows 1.12.1? I don’t have a config.json file on my system (Windows 10 Pro desktop) and I’d like to be able to pull from a private image hosted on Docker Hub.

(Timjarvis) #5

Hi Rolf,

What is the status with this?

In the mean while, how do we go about pushing an image to aws container services from Docker for Windows?

Regards Tim Jarvis.