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How to flag a post or user?

There does not seem to be a way to flag a user nor to reach the moderators, hence I am posting here.
This user poembrunch appears to be a robot spamming a link to a website.
See the reply to my post Running a script in jenkins under docker, error: cannot find /var/jenkins_home - #2 by poembrunch

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You can set users on your ignored list in “preference” → “notifcation” → “users”.

I stopped answering in this forum weeks ago now. Though, from time to time I take a peek if things changed… well, they didn’t.

That will not bring the spamming and the bot to the moderators attention.

nothing does! This forum is completly unmoderated. Unimaginable that an open source project like docker is not able to find volunteers to moderate their forums… wait first they would need to activly search for moderators, wouldn’t they?

The (spam) bots made me give up this forum.

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Docker is not free and I imagine generates significant revenue.
Surprising they would not ask their employees to spend part of their time helping out in the forums - as part of their job requirements.