Can someone tell me where the function to ignore user posts is in the forum?

I had lewish95 on ignore for long time now. Suddenly the posts of this shitty bot are not hidden anymore.

I wish I would remember how I added him to the ignore list the first time… Does anyone know how to set users on the ignore list?

Finaly found it!

It is in hidden in the user preferences, in Notifcations Users".
I must have missed that the ignore list allows a ignore duration of “Forever”.

From what I read in the Discourse Forum (this Forum uses it), a user having many igores (or was it mutes) triggers a notification to the forum admins. The more of use did put it on ignore, the more likely it is that the situation with this shitty bot gets attation.

Do you have an idea who these admins are?

The default setup for a Discourse site for the groups is based on Trust Levels, e.g. SWI-Prolog forum, but it can be changed, e.g. Discourse meta. I am an admin at the SWI-Prolog forum.

The interesting thing about the moderators here is that they don’t seem to visit the site daily, which leads me to wonder, is this site worth visiting any more?

Like clocks wrote: you can see the moderator list, but if you message them there is no response… Not sure which ones I tried, but there was never a single response.

I am not even sure if they visit at all… maybee we should all move over to stack overflow

I am not waiting to decide. Moving forward I will post at SO Docker tag first then if that fails try here.

If someone is paying attention and is motivated, this looks like an opportunity to start a new forum for Docker.

Take a look at and sort by received hearts and you will see that the majority of the posts are from tekki, me and the shitbot Lewish… There is not realy much activiy left.

I am suprised that the shitbot even received 16 likes. I guess the saying is true: even a blind chicken can find a grain.