How to get full 10GbE network speed in container?

I am using Docker for Desktop for Windows with the WSL2 backend.
I have 16GB ram configured for max ram.

I have a borg-server docker container setup and I am trying to backup from my NAS to the borg-server. I have the folder that I want the backups to sit mounted to the container. The folder is a local disk. I then have a cif-volume mount mounting my NAS to test raw transfer speed but I plan to have the NAS push the backup files to the container.

Doing an iperf2 test to test raw network bandwidth with the container as the client I get around 1.2Gb/s. When doing this test I see no resource spikes (ram/cpu) in the container stats.

On the host I get 10Gb/s and on my main WSL2 instance (Debian) I was able to adjust the MTU and get 10Gb/s as well. The NICs from the Host to the NAS are all configured with Jumbo Packets 9000.

So some networking configuration between the host and the container is reducing my network speed. Following this train of thought and reading some other troubleshooting resources I have made these changes to the vEthernet (WSL) adapter:

Jumbo Packet - 9014 Bytes
Large Send Offload Version 2 (IPv4&6) - Disabled
Network Direct (RDMA) - Enabled

I also configured the MTU in the container to 9000 using the docker engine configuration.
None of these helped.

I am kind of lost where to go from here to resolve this issue. Any advice?

you are make 1500 mtu and no is 9000

I don’t know what you are trying to say.