How to join Docker Slack?

Can you invite me to join the slot channel?

You don’t need invitation. You can find the correct Slack link on the Docker Support page:

I leave the direct link here, but it can change in the future:

Something has changed recently. I’ve been a member of the Docker Community Slack for quite a while. But Slack dropped my connection sometime in the last week. If I try to rejoin, I end up at a page that says I need an email:

I managed to re-join by deleting the old Slack from my desktop app and signing in again via , so I’m good to go. But others might have run into this same issue.

I am having exactly this problem, and cannot join.

The link I shared before should still work, but it indeed doesn’t. That link is what can be found on the support page which I also linked.

@ajeetraina @evabojorges Can any of you get the link fixed here: Support | Docker ?

This problem is still occurring. Guess they don’t want anyone else.

I’m not sure what you mean. My guess is that somehow the shortened URL breaks from time to time, and I have no idea why, but the link @stefanlasiewski shared works.

Thank you for pointing out that the link is wrong on the support site! I’m going to report it.