Docker slack invite url not working

On page “
The link to join slack “” is invalid or expired.

Can someone help me with a invite?

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Update de update???

i have the same issue opens page where only or is allowed. Is it private slack?

The same problem is being discussed in Slack (and I notified the Community Lead), so hopefully just a temporary glitch.

(It was certainly not a private Slack when I joined with a non-Docker email address, somewhere in the past. Also, seems to be quite unrelated, so I guess some error at Slack is to blame?)

This has been fixed:

Hi, I have the same issue when accessing to

am I missing a step?

You can go to Get Started | Slack

Thanks @jawxies but when I try to log in with the link you sent, I don’t see the docker slack workspace, only the ones I’m already in. There’s a signup button but then it takes me to form where only and emails can sign up.

Ah, redirects to indeed, showing the following again, @jawxies:

(Now curious: is even related?)

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Hmmmm no, this is definitely something we need to fix.

In the meantime, if you land on this page, you can click on the top right hand corner for the normal sign-up page.

Sorry for the confusion, we really need to fix this asap.

I’ll update you all in the thread once it’s fixed.



Thanks @avbentem for your kind help.
@jawxies, in the top right corner, I can see “sign in” but no link to a normal sign up page

Can you try Join Docker Community on Slack | Slack and tell me if it works? This should be fixed.

I’m having the same issue

This worked for me! :smiley: Thanks!

Still not working. I even tried to Google for dockercommunity which led me to this link: Slack, which offers the correct sign-in form, but links back to the broken account creation form.

I’ve pinged @evabojorges but an out-of-the-office suggests she may not read that until January 4th. So, welcome to this forum! Also, if you’d ask me: the forum is much better than the free Slack with a limit of 10,000 messages, hence hiding even recent posts far too quickly!

It is amazing this is still broken.

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It’s not still broken, but somehow this weird limitation requiring a or even email address keeps coming back.

(Still curious if the latter domain is even somehow related to Docker Inc., and if this is configuration that Docker Inc. makes, or an error at Slack.)

Is this going to be fixed? What’s the point of having a slack channel if no one can enter?