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How to know when the 6 hour limit for download would be reset to 100

Hi There,

I have gone through this documentation :

So I do know that the anonymous user will have a limit of 100/6 hours. However is from the above response, it really doesn’t indicate when my fresh new 6 hour limit would be restored. I understand in the long run, we would have to move to a paid account or a mirroring solution, but right now, is there a way to even provide a response parameter which tells us how long before my 'Rate-Limit Remaining" would be back to 100

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The reason I ask is I have a local install of gitlab and I see 0 jobs being submitted in last 6 hours. When I login to the runners, from where docker pulls happen and I see 0 requests in last 6 hours. But somehow the limit just falls to 0 and there is no way I can tell why this happens.It definitely gets reset to 100 even before 6 hours, but really can’t tell how this limit changes. I was hoping there would be a way to audit the pulls that were made in the last X hours to really confirm this. I have started the daemon already in debug mode, and I can’t trace any requests that is spiking my remaining downloads

Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2020 08:49:17 GMT
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000
RateLimit-Limit: 100;w=21600
RateLimit-Remaining: 0;w=21600