[SOLVED]Add github account on organization

Hi everybody,

I have a simple question, is it possible to link a github account to a docker hub organization ?

For example,

  1. my personal docker hub account is linked with my personal github account.
  2. This docker hub account is also linked to my company (docker hub organization).

In this case, I cannot set a github link on the organization. (because of my personal link)

So how I can link my company github account to my docker hub organization ?

Thanks for your help :wink:

In that case you will have to remove the link from your personal
account(GitHub) to the company Docker Hub account. So you can link your
organization’s GitHub account to the Docker Hub account.

I cannot have both ?
My docker account --> My git account
My company docker account --> My company git account

From the errors you’ve seen so far it shows it’s not possible to add both.
Add the company account first and then see if it’s personal to add your
personal account.

OK, news from that.
Is it possible to have both :wink:

In fact, github allow that.
So I have:

  • Revoke my docker hub access in github.
  • Unlink in docker hub
  • Add link in docker hub
  • Github ask if linked organisation should have access. Accept that and now it’s working :wink: