How to manage licenses at organisation level

Hi there

I’ve recently purchased 6 licenses in Docker Hub for my developers who will be using Docker Desktop to support the digital service I am responsible for. I am a full time employee and they are all contractors, so I need to manage the user accounts and allocate the licenses as new contractors come and go, but I wouldn’t ever require a licence myself.

However, when I login to the Hub, it is showing myself as taking up one of the six ‘seats’/licenses. Do I need to convert my account to an organisation account to free up that license? If I do this, will I still have access and control over the account and billing information (which my organisations obviously don’t want the contractors to have control of).

Thanks in advance.


The org admin appears to still use up a seat. You can retain control of the org as long as you are a part of the owners group in the org. You can create additional groups to control access to the container registries under control the org