How to push image from repo to Docker Hub repo

I am running Docker Desktop locally on linux. I built an image. It appears
to be registered in I want to push it to my Docker Hub repo.
From the cmd-line I logged into Docker Hub. I then push the image and
get the following response. How to resolve this?

docker push rls/first:first-debug
The push refers to repository []
256019c57689: Preparing
0ea2baff3e0d: Preparing
dfa7b0e458ef: Preparing
064b977d3f27: Preparing
72611782eff4: Preparing
9269874c166b: Waiting
174f56854903: Waiting
denied: requested access to the resource is denied

There is no user called rls. Since you are commenting here as rsearls didn’t you want to push your image as rsearls/first? Although it wouldn’t be the first as you pushed another image 2 days ago.

Please check if you have rls repo available and you have write access to it.

if you own the repo and you have every access make sure you do below to push image to you repo

docker login

and follow instruction to tag and push image to remote repo.