How to resolve No `default` machine on Ununtu Docker installation?


The issue shortly: After changing the env to remote docker, later I’ve no way to return env to default machine as I don’t have default machine available on my dev environment.

I’ve installed Docker & Docker-machine under Vagrant VM Ubuntu Xenial used for development (if you ask why I did in that way: I was unable to run shared volumes on Windows 10 with docker-toolbox, the issue is another thread).
I’d like to be able to deploy from the development machine to staging/production docker environment.

I was able to successfully add remote docker machine via generic driver.
The issue now is that I don’t see default machine via docker-machine ls, though docker is working fine locally (docker images, docker run, etc runs perfectly).
When I change the environment to remote docker-machine with eval "$(docker-machine env" for running containers there, later I want to return to my local environment and I’m unable to do that as I don’t have default machine.

What is the resolution to this case?