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How to roll-back docker-compose pull

Dear all,

Please excuse my silly question. I updated my jitsi-meet service with docker-compose pull which broke a working system. I would like to roll back to the previous state before the pull. Is this possible? I would appreciate a step-by-step description if so. I did a few online searches but could not find anything useful about whether this is possible or not. I did not delete any docker images from the host computer since the pull by the way.



in your compose file, you have defined that service image as :latest, which will download the latest version.
But, instead of latest you can define the tag from if you lookup your image.

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Thank you. This solved my problem. My previously working images were tagged with (I guess untagged) on my host. I relabeled them with docker image tag ### repository/package:working command and added the “:working” tag to the docker-compose.yml file, which worked as a charm.

Thanks again!

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