How to run Docker for Mac as a service or deamon?

Expected behavior

There should be a way to install Docker For Mac as a service which runs at system startup.

Actual behavior

Docker for Mac Beta seems to require a ui based app “” to run in a graphical user session. I could not figure out any way on how to start the Docker environment using cli tools.
The older Docker Toolbox allowed the use of e.g. docker-machine command to start its VirtualBox based environment. This allowed to create start-up scripts, to create a server ecosystem at system startup without a user to login.


We’d like to use the great “Docker for Mac Beta” asap in a productive environment using the elegant integration with the native MacOS virtualization framework. So it would be of cause more robust and user friendly to install and run Docker and it’s containers as system services automatically and independent on a user-login.
I tried to find suitable CLI tools in the package but haven’t been successful.

Is there any recommended way to install and run “Docker for Mac Beta” and its container as a service automatically at system startup?

Thanks for your help and all your effort.


Any news here? Running Docker as a Service would be really useful for our macOS Intranet Server…