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How to run Docker over SOCKS5 Proxy


(Magicmouse) #1

HI, I am running Docker on my mac machine. I need all packets from docker to be forwarded through a SOCKS5 proxy server. Default settings in Wifi adapter doesn’t work, and guess because docker containers bind localhost addresses,

I have also tried this on a windows machine. I have a proxy software running, but docker connections are not proxified. I have tried to explicitly set network rules including docker local networks (172...*) , but it doesn’t work either.

So my question is how to redirect all packets from a specific docker container via a SOCKS5 proxy.

I would be grateful for any help.

(Magicmouse) #2

Any ideas ? I have tried to different applications , but none of them work.

(Troeng) #3

Hi, any news on this?
I am tunneling through a socks5 proxy (only option for me) but cant figure out if Docker can use it.