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Unable to share local drives with Docker on Windows 10

(Jemlifathi) #1

I am using Docker for Windows and I was trying to start a docker compose in which I tried to share some folders from my machine with my containers. It asks me to share local drives with Docker Like this(, when I click on Share I enter my password and confirm. It exit with this error( Even when I tried to share local drives manually from Docker settings, I check drives and enter my password, then It removes the check sign and keep them not shared. Any king of help or guidance will be appreciated.

(Zarvak) #2

I had the same problem. I didn’t manage to fit it to work again following standard procedures… I guess something got corrupted. In the end I had to uninstall and install again… Docker for Windows has evolved in last months but it has lot of room to improve to be really reliable… A pity.