How to ssh from one vm to another?


I’ve been following the get-started tutorial(part 4) and I have created 2 vms.

I have ssh’ed into the 1st vm via

docker-machine ssh mynewvm1

and initiated a swarm, making the 1st vm a swarm manager.

Now I 've been trying to ssh into the 2nd vm, in order to make it a worker of the 1st and I get this error:

-sh: docker-machine: not found

docker-machine ssh mynewvm2 does not work. I can see both of them running though from the hyper-v manager.

From a newby perspective I guess boot2docker does not allow me to run docker-machine, but I can be easily wrong.

So how do I ssh from one vm to another, in order to make the 2nd one a worker?

Thanks in advance!

Are you running the command inside mynewvm1? You probably should run it on Windows (or Mac).

Yes, I should have exited first. It was that simple.

Thanks a lot.