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How to use ALSA's dmix output


(Speranza) #1

Hi there!
What should I read to understand how to set my container use ALSA’s dmix output in order for me to be able to use audio output from the container and non-dockerised pulseaudio server? Currently I mount --device /dev/snd in run command, so the container is able to play sounds, but it locks the audio output and I’m not able to use by anything else (aplay, pulseaudio server etc). pactl list sinks shows that dmix output is not being used (obviously) as I understand it because the container uses the snd device directly.

$ pactl list sinks
srvr ➜  ~ pactl list sinks|grep 'Sink #' -A 2                          
Sink #0
        State: SUSPENDED
        Name: alsa_output.dmix
Sink #1
        State: SUSPENDED
        Name: alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo