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Hub Login Sign Up link points to stage instance

If you navigate to Sign In page, the Sign Up link on the top-right is instead of hub… (cannot use more than 2 url as a new user :expressionless:)
Unfortunately I noticed it after creating an account for your stage instance :grinning:

Thanks, I’ll let the community relations manager at Docker Inc know.

… instead of

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And you quickly got the gist of using <> with the surroundnig <..> to keep the forum software from changing it into some “readable” link. :+1:

Thanks for the report @logmeintest and @avbentem. I’ve raised this to the team

And it’s fixed :slight_smile:
Thank you again!


Hi all! The bug with the Sign Up link seems to be fixed, but the same is still happening with the dockerhub logo at the top left of the Sign In page, it’s taking the users to instead of