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Unable to relink github/bitbucket repository

Not able to relink github/bitbucket repo from here: Docker Hub

Always redirecting me to without linking the repo.

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Yeh I have an existing bitbucket integration, cant do sh*t either. Somethings borked.

Dont know whom to connect. Docker hub support is so poor. I sent a mail to them 14 hours ago, no reply or resolution. Totally blocked. I am a paid subscriber. It is really risky to move commercial infrastructure to docker hub for their terrible support.

It looks like a bug. I have tried from Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge on Windows and MacOS. The redirection was the same in each case but the reason was different. I used the Developer Tools to see HTTP requests. It tries to call an API using a wrong docker id (it might be right if a hash of the the real id is allowed there) and gets “account not found” as response or sends the request without any id and gets “offer is not available” as response.

I submitted an issue here: Redirection to Docker Hub home page when linking or re-linking accounts: "Offer is not available" or "account not found" · Issue #2183 · docker/hub-feedback · GitHub

I have got an answer from mikeparker:

This is a known issue we’re solving this now. See Docker system status real-time view for details

Update 2:

I realized it was already reported in an other topic:

I should have checked that before I spent so much time to debug it :slight_smile:

I close this topic. Let’s continue the discussion in the other topic if it is necessary.

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