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I created an organiztion I need to delete

(Photosatdg) #1

I have seen a thread where the only way to remove an unwanted organization is ask DockerHub Support. Is this still true?

(Nick Hazlett) #2

Yes this is still true. Currently there isn’t a way to delete from the Web UI.

You can send a request to from an email address associated with your Docker Hub user account asking to delete the organization.



(Photosatdg) #3


Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately the address chosen for the repository is a Google group address so I no one can “send” an email from. This address was used because we have a small dev team and I wanted members who were interested in following a particular topic an easy means of doing so.

Is sending an email from my account, instead of, sufficient?



(Nick Hazlett) #4

Hi Hugh,

Are you able to login to Docker Hub with your photosatdg user account? Once logged in, you can navigate to the Account Settings page: and add your email address to the email addresses list. You can then send a ticket to and this will verify you have ownership of the account and will allow us to proceed with removing the organization.



(Anthonyangelo) #5

Hello, I also need my organization deleted.

Please delete:

Thank You.

(Redrick) #6


please can you also delete:

I created it by mistake and is duplicate now.

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Dingzk) #7

Hi, can anyone delete the dockerhub organization ifeidao?

(Borisdr) #8

Hi, can anyone delete user warecorp. Organization already deleted, but I can’t create it because username already in use.