I hope this feature ( syncing image and setting )

I hope this feature.

to sync image files, setting syncing when I sign in docker desktop app
( vscode use this feature by Microsoft account )

it need network traffic and central database for personal status.
so I think It will be pro service.

but… I hope this.

and… this forum don’t have [docker-desktop-for-macos] tag

It’s a category and and as a community forum, featue requests are mainly (with some exceptions) read only by community members, not Docker Staff who can actually do something to implement a feature :slight_smile: I still thank you pointing out that the tag is missing. I think you could create it, I am not sure who has permission to do that. I could, but I am don’t fully understand your feature request and how it is related to desktops.

What do you mean by “syncing images”? Where would you like to sync it? I guess syncing settings would be Docker Desktop setings like when we sync web browser settings to all of our machines. Would you like to do the same with images and automatically download images on every Docker Desktop instance you start on different machines? Would it be a button to download the images on the current machine or automatic?

Since you could create images locally, you could sync those images unless you have an online storage large enough to store everything.

We are also interested in your feature request, but if you want to make sure it is found by developers, you could send the request in the roadmap: