I/o timeout / error invoking remote method


Could someone point me to any resources that talk about timeout issues in Docker Desktop?

Errors encountered:

  • ERROR: for [container name] b’i/o timeout’ / cannot create container for service [name] i/o timeout (during docker-compose up -d)
  • Error invoking remote method ‘docker-remove-image’: Error: HTTP code 500) server error - i/o timeout (from Docker Desktop)
  • Error invoking remote method ‘docker-remove-volume’: Error: HTTP code 500) server error - i/o timeout (from Docker Desktop)

I wanted to understand why I am getting these errors, but I can’t find anything on the web that specifies those remote methods. Does anybody have any idea on the potential culprits?

Thank you in advance!

I am not familiar with these error messages. All I know is Docker Desktop run a virtual machine so it needs to communicate with the remote Docker Engine. If something happens to the connection or a component inside the VM dies for some reason you can get error messages like this. HTTPD 500 means internal error, so it is not just a timeout.

Can you tell us more about your environment? Docker Desktop version, Windows version, how and when you installed Docker Desktop? When did you met this error message first?

Thank you @rimelek that’s exactly what I was looking for. After removing all images and containers (I had waaay too many), the issue persistence went away.


  • Windows 10
  • intel core i7
  • 32 GB ram
  • Docker Desktop 4.10.1 (82475)
  • Docker engine 20.10.17 (100c701)

Occasionally, I get the timeout error when running docker-compose up -d. In which case I would just rerun the command and it would work.

This time around, not only it would not go away, but it also errored when deleting images/containers.
After cleaning up my environment, I’m back on track (with the occasional timeout during compose up -d, which is fine).

I will look more into how Docker’s VM and engine integration and see if I can spot anything that could have caused this issue. If I ever find out, I will post back here.

Awesome. :slight_smile: If you feel you would like to let the developers know about this issue, you can open an issue on GitHub

Since it seems you have a working solution to this error message, your feedback could be valuable to the developers and they could probably handle this situation better in a future release.

Regarding the remaining timeout, that should not happen either.

Will do so @rimelek thanks!