I was added to my companies organization

I was told I was added to OpsMxDev organization, I just joined this company, but I do not see my account or profile showing my new organization. I want to be able to connect my repos to DockerHub for pushing container builds into images and then pulling them into Jenkins or Spinnaker. Under my personal account, robinhoodhood, I can only create one such workflow, and I’ve already used that one up. Will me being part of this organization when it’s working, allow me to create more? How do I find out if I have that functionality now?

I have logged out and back in and don’t see anything different.

Robin Hood

I am having this exact same problem. I’ve contacted support over a month ago and the owner of the organization did as well prior to that. We’ve not heard a word. Performing web searches leads me nowhere which usually is an indication I am doing something wrong…I just can’t figure out what. Have you had any success?