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Strange behavior about organizations in my account

For 2 years now, I was only using one organization in my account.
Today I’ve to create another organization; before to allow external contractors managing their repos, I wanted to check if they were able to see or browse existing repos in the initial organization.
When I first go to “organizationB” then “teamB” then permissions, I see the only repo “repoB” that is available for “organzationB”.
Then If I change organization and go to “organizationA” then “teamA” then permissions, I could see existing repos from “organizationA” but also “repoB” from “organizationB”. And when I go back to “organizationB”, all the repos from “organizationA” are also displayed.
You could even select one of them and choose associated privilege. The good things is that you’re not able to “truly” add it to your team.
Even, at the end of the day, it’s not so important, it’s really weird to see this behavior. That let me thinking that permissions are not well manage between organizations and I envisage to open another account to manage this.

FYI, I’m using W10 and Firefox 65.0.2.
I ask a colleague that have the same permissions has I to test it, he observed the same behavior. He’s using W10 and last current release of Chrome.

Let me know if you need more information about this issue.