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Identifying clients in Pihole hosted in Docker Windows

I am using Pihole in Docker for Windows 10.
everything works fine except that i cannot see statistics by clients, clients being identified in Pihole by their IP adress or their MAC adress.
By reading some other posts in Pihole forum or Docker forum it seems that Docker Windows is missing one feature which is Host Mode Networking.

Is that right ?
Is it existing only on Docker Linux ?
is it coming soon on Docker Windows ?

Hi :slight_smile:

Yes its correct that the network mode host is only available on linux, this forum is community drivin, so i dont think you will get an answer if/when this feature is comming to windows.

ok, thanks

i see that i can install PiHole under Hyper-V on windows, maybe it could be a better choice ?

i am trying that now…

Maybe :slight_smile:
Im not a big Windows guy, so im not sure what option Hyber-V provides

Yes, sorry, and its a docker forum :slight_smile:
But i confirm i can see the hosts now, so seems its really a function missing on the windows docker.