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Image does not work on the newer version of Docker

We created a docker image on version 1.7.1 of Docker . It has been working fine since then for over a year.

We recently ran that image on docker version 1.13 . The image no longer works.

After connecting to the container, I noticed some of the folders and files were corrupted. They appear like this:
??? ? ? ? ? ? words.dbx
??? ? ? ? ? ? sort.dbx
??? ? ? ? ? ? ngram.dbx
??? ? ? ? ? ? 00000001db.log

The image still runs fine on version 1.7.1 and the files/folders also look OK. (BTW the image is rubinlab/exist.)

Any ideas about what we should do to make the image work on 1.13?

Hi! I ran your image on a copy of Docker for Mac 1.13.0 and was able to see all those files and perform an “ls” successfully. It’s possible there may be an issue with your local copy of docker engine 1.13.x.

Thanks. I will reinstall docker and see if it goes away. BTW, this was on a Centos 7 server.