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Image Explore Page Full of Microsoft images, can't see other user‘s update image

Anyone know what happened ?
Can’t see any other user’s update images, it has been going on for days.

It works for me. Doesn’t matter if I am logged in or not. Try it from an other web browser or open a “private window” or “Incognito window”. If it works, than clear the browser cache. If it doesn’t work, can you share the URL containing the filter parameters?

tks. The url is Docker Hub
I probably understand what happened, dockerhub used to show all publishers, but now it only shows verified publisher’s mirror update information.

If you go back multiple pages on the search result you can find other images too. It looks like Microsoft updates a lot images at the same time. When you sort the search result by the time of the latest update then you see those images from Microsoft

Hi @vzwrj2u29pdj, thanks for the report. This was an issue on our end that has now been resolved. Please let us know if you’re still unable to see new repos in the search results.

Thanks again!

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